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Roland digital piano

Our choice for digital pianos is Roland.  Why?

Because they are simply the Best!

New 10 year parts and labour warranty on select Roland Digital Pianos!


Roland Digital Piano History

Roland digital piano 1974

More than a quarter of a century ago, back in 1973, Roland produced the first purely electronic piano from Japan, the EP-10. In 1974 Roland unveiled the EP- 30, the first piano in the world to have  a touch sensitive keyboard to handle playing dynamics.Since then Roland has continued to remain at the forefront of digital research, engineering, development, and manufacturing technology.



The Development of the world's best sounding digital musical instrument calls for nothing less than the complete understanding and harnessing of the physics of sound. It starts with an intricate analysis of sound waves - what makes instruments sound the way they do, and how different natural environments effect sound.


rolandsoundroom Roland uses an anechoic chamber - a special room with insulated walls, floors and ceiling that permits absolutely no reflections, or echoes - to test the fundamental sonic characteristics of acoustic instruments, and electronic ones too. This is how Roland confirms that the sound characteristics of their digital pianos are just like acoustic pianos.


Even the most demanding professional pianist have nothing but high praises for Roland keyboard mechanisms.

Roland keyboard mechanisms produce a smooth, weighted hammer action that's naturally responsive - and highly pleasing. Working together with the superior piano sound characteristics, the result is that Roland digital pianos provide for greater individual expression.

The physics behind the key action of an acoustic piano are extremely complex. Recreating it without wood or strings is no small task. Roland has risen to this task, however, and effectively created a hammer mechanism with just the right feel.

Developed and assembled completely in the Roland factory, the Roland hammer action keyboard features a pressure resistance of 55 - 60 grams, just like a fine grand piano. You can actually feel the throw and bounce of the hammer! The pivot point of the hammer and rest position are also designed for optimum authenticity. When the  key is released, the hammer returns to it's original position as the result of it's own weight.

We invite you to sit down at a Roland digital piano and play a full song - to feel and hear just how impressive the total experience can be, since playing a note or two is not enough, for a comparison of quality to other makes.


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