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roland cd2i digital recorder

Cd 2i

Record & Burns CD's




Piano Accessories:


We carry piano lamps for upright, grand, and digital pianos.

house of troy piano lamps

pano lamptroy lightupright piano lamp


Adjustable benches , stools, and bench covers.

grand piano d benchpiano benchpiano benchbench covers


piano lock



Piano Locks

These keyboard/Fallboard piano locks are the best in the industry. They are perfect for Schools, Hotels, Churches, Studios, Banquet Halls, and even in the home because of the extra protection they provide for your piano.


piano polish
Piano polish
caster cups
Piano casters






animal metronome








Piano Dollies piano dolly

These Grand Piano Dollies allow you to transport a piano easily on wood floors (without scratching), rugs and over high spots. They are excellent for use in Schools, Churches and Showrooms as well as in the home.


Humidifier Systems and Supplies

humidifire system humidifier treatment humidifier cloth
Humidifier systems Humidifier treatment Humidifier pads






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